Services Offered By Trade Car Companies

Trade car companies are involved with a lot of activities which includes the sale and repair of automobiles, trucks and so on. The size of the company determines what needs to be sold and here are a few of the services offered by the trade car companies.

Stocking and sale of vehicles parts


Most trade car companies will have a department that deals with the maintenance of the replacement stock as well as other accessories for their customers. In most cases, trade car companies will employ parts manager whose primary function is to oversee the sales department operation and can also recruit sales executives who can then sell the parts in wholesale to independent repair and service shops or fleet operators.

Service and repairs

You can also get routine service and repairs from a trade car company. Most of the established companies will usually have a service manager who takes care of the operation within the service department. For large enterprises, there is an accident repair shop set up that is headed by a senior management team who then appoints different managers for the accidents and service repairs. The managers are also responsible for negotiating the repair and service contracts with the fleet operators.

They are also responsible for managing and recruiting a team of repair and service technicians who are familiar with the diagnostic equipment and are experienced in the complex vehicle technology. The technicians not only involved in the repair and service but they always ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality workmanship.

Vehicle sales

Vehicle sale is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of a trade car company. In some companies, they will be a sales director whose main aim is to recruit and direct sales teams as well as ensure that the revenue targets are met while in large cooperation’s they will be different sales managers one who handle commercial vehicles while the other is responsible for managing mid sedans and other small cars. The sales executives are responsible for the day to day operations which include getting in touch with prospective customers to find out whether they are interested.


nbbnnbnbghghghThey and also demonstrates how the car operates when they visit the company. When the clients are set to purchase any car or car parts, the sales executives will be the ones who negotiate the terms of payment and price for whatever they need. They also make arrangements for a financial deal by handing over the car to the buyer once it has been inspected by the service team