Tips for buying an electric vehicle

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are the transport solution for the future. Countries like France and Norway are working very hard to encourage people to buy electric vehicles, with France looking to get rid of all combustion engine vehicles by 2045. Electric vehicles have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to mitigating global warming and preserving the environment. In this post, we will take a look at why electric vehicles are great and some tips to help you buy one.

Why electric vehicles are great


Compared to fuel powered vehicles, driving an electric vehicle is very economical, in that it is cheaper to charge vehicle compared to powering a petrol vehicle. This is very important especially to people that are not financially stable.

No harmful emissions

The biggest downside of fueled vehicles is that they release harmful gases into the environment. This is one of the major causes of global warming. Electric vehicles do not produce any harmful gases, hence offering better protection to our environment.

Can be powered by renewable energy

One other factor that contra C tributes a lot to the affordability of electric vehicles is that they can be run on renewable energy alone. Using the wind or solar energy once can charge an electric vehicle for free. If deployed on a commercial scale, the charging services will be very affordable, and cheaper than buying fuel.

Easy to maintain

Fuel cars are very complex and have a lot of moving parts, hence much harder to maintain. Regular servicing is needed to ensure that the vehicle is in top notch condition. For electric vehicles, the maintenance is very minimal and far much affordable.

Buying an electric vehicle

Here are some tips to help you buy and electric vehicle


One factor that played a big role in stagnating the growth of electric vehicles is the range that batteries were able to provide. Nowadays, they have improved, hence the sudden boom of electric vehicles. When you buy an electric vehicle, go for the one that gives you the most range for a single charge.

Charging time

The charging time is very important. Most electric vehicles will come with a fast charge, meaning that it takes about 5 minutes to charge the vehicle. However, this requires a special kind of power station. Most vehicles will allow charging from normal wall plugs, and that will take anything from 8 to 10 hours.