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Options To Consider When Choosing Good LED Light Bars

For all type of people who love trucks, cars, etc.  a good modification of those vehicles is usually good quality LED light bar.  LED light bars are known to help in visibility and can help shine up the road ahead for you very well. The lighting range in intensity quite greatly. The place where you are to find most vehicles with the light bars is usually the rural areas. This is because in the rural areas there is less population and also it is possible to find plenty of wildlife.  The LED light bars can usually be fitted anywhere in a vehicle. Discussed below are some of the aftermarket lighting options;

Eyourlife extra LED light bar


This type of light bar which is known as the Eyourlife has a wide range of the LED light bars. The most common LED light bars in this type are usually the 42 inch and the 52 inch wide light bars. This type of LED light bar has been designed in such a way that you can fix the lights on any vehicle. This type is not limited to Mini’s and tractors and also to SUVs. The good thing about this light bar is the fact that it has 100 lights that are perfectly fitted in line together.  The light bar also has 3 Epistar LEDs that can offer you a very high light intensity. Made from Diecast Aluminum, the Light bar can consume 300W of power. For good transparency, the lenses of this light bar are made out of PC glass.  The Alu firm which comes along with this light bar ensures that the bar will be mounted firmly.

Mini light bars

The smallest of the light bars are usually known as the light pods. These light bars are commonly used for side lights, portable spotlights or even work lights. Some cubes of 4 LEDs are used as fog lamps regularly.

Full-size light bars


The full-sized light bars are usually rectangular.  These light bars have enclosed arrays of up to around 96 LEDs in one single bar. The LEDs in this type of lighting can be arranged in single, double or quad rows. These bars have some custom reflectors. These reflectors or lenses are responsible for focusing or diffusing the beam that is produced by the LED light bar.  Around two or more beams produced by this light bars are created in combo bars. The full-sized light bars are commonly used for road or even job site illumination. This job site illumination has LEDs which has a color temperature of around 5000K. This temperature is responsible in simulating sunlight on a bright day.…


Qualities of a good mechanic

Getting your vehicle fixed in due time is very important, ensuring that you get to go on with your work as usual. When a vehicle breaks down, it may cause problems, especially if you the vehicle is primarily used to get around for business. This calls for a reliable vehicle repair and maintenance services. To get such convenience, you might want to form a professional relationship with a good mechanic.

Selecting a mechanic to entrust your vehicle with requires that you spend some time to concentrate on the values of the said person. In this post, we will highlight some of the best qualities to watch out for.

Properties of a good mechanic



A good mechanic should be credible and ready to provide the needed services at a moment’s notice. In the case of a breakdown, it is important that you get back up and running in as soon as possible. Inquire if the mechanic or the shop he or she operates offers to break down services in your area. This is important in that it will ensure that your vehicle can be picked up from anywhere and taken to the shop for repair.


A good mechanic should be understanding, especially when it comes to finances and time constraints. Once you have made a professional relationship, it becomes easier for the mechanic to offer you quality services with your requirements in mind.

Right tools

To get the best results, it is best that your mechanic uses the best tools. Make sure that he or she has all the required tools to repair your vehicle. The best way to tell is if the mechanic has a well-stocked workshop.


In every job, experience plays a great role. An experienced mechanic will know a lot about vehicle repair, and will indeed offer the best repair services. Before you make any commitment, make sure to inquire about his or her experience.


lkasdnvklasdkvnaslkdvnlksadnvlknsadvsadReputation is important to a professional, and a good one is a clear indication that the services being offered are of a high quality. Before you make your choice, make sure to ask around, and make your choice based on the suggestions that you get.

Maintaining your vehicle is very important, hence the need to have a reliable mechanic to keep it in top notch condition. Following the tips mentioned above, you will get a mechanic that will offer you the best maintenance.…

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